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We provide a professional & affordable, Washington, DC furniture removal service. Proper disposal & recycling.

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Looking For A Reliable And Fast Furniture Removal In Washington DC?

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Save your back. We are here for you. When we come in, we take full responsibility for the work. Just show us where the furniture is and we'll do all the lifting.

Save Time & Money

Start with an accurate quote and scheduled pick-up. We respect your time. We give fair pricing. We get the job done. Simple.

Proper Recycling

Furniture items are built with a bunch of different materials. Fabric, plastics, nails, screws, wood, and metal. Recycling it correctly can be a challenge. We properly dispose of your furniture.

Beeline Junk

Our Washington, DC Furniture Removal Services Take:

Old Chair Removal

Old Chairs

Maybe your old chair has been with you for a few Super Bowls. But when the time came to finally change it, you know who to call!

Couch removal dc

Old Couches

Proper sitting and lying are essential for your back. When your couch loses firmness, it is time to shop for a new one. Let us take away the old one to open a space for a new one.

Furniture Removal DC

Desks & Shelves

Home offices are the new normal in post-pandemic times. Upgrading your office but don't know where to donate or dispose of your old office furniture? Contact us for a FREE quote.

Patio Furniture

Does your patio need new furniture? But do you need to do some decluttering before buying new ones? Just text us - and we will create space for you.

Living room furniture removal

Living Room Furniture

Are you moving towards minimalism? Want to get rid of your huge and heavy furniture? Entertainment center, coffee table, table or other living room furniture? We got you.

Tables & Chairs

Once your dining room furniture has been part of many late-night homework sessions or heated family discussions - is it time to get a new one? We can donate or recycle your old furniture for you

How Our Furniture Removal Process Works:

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We are open 7AM to 7PM daily to make it convenient for you to get in touch with us. Call us and let us know the type of furniture you need removed. You can also fill out our email form.

We Give You A FREE Estimate

Many times we can give you a rough estimate over the phone. But, better yet, we can come see you person! We love our customers, so feel free to ask for in person estimate!

Get Things Cleaned Up

Once you take a look at our estimate and like it (We strongly believe you will!) we then schedule your furniture removal service. We set a day and time to pick it upi. Once it loaded up, we invoice you.

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We get it, it is difficult to get rid of old pieces of furniture. Just call us and we will take care of it for you.  No need to post on craigslist or carry that old couch to Goodwill. Our junk removal company does it all.

Who We Are

Beeline Junk Removal & Hauling

Our mission is simple. We make junk removal easy and convenient for our Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia communities. We dispose of junk properly in landfills. Items that we don’t send there we do our best to properly recycle and ressuse what is still reusable.

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