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Erik Henderson, born and raised Washingtonian, is the founder and owner of Beeline Hauling & Junk Removal. 

After closing his Limo business called “Beeline Transportation” in 2019, he said that the next vehicle he purchases will also have to make him an income. 

Erik then went on to study and get mentored by other successful, climate-conscious junk removal business owners, locally as well as in California, to learn and equip himself with the knowledge needed to own a resourceful junk removal business. The journey was tough and he learned a lot.

So, he went on to purchase a pickup truck and trailer so that he can start a professional, prompt and affordable junk removal business in the Washington, DC area. 

He took what he’s learned from his over 25 years of being a licensed professional driver, of which 10 of those years were as a local garbage truck driver. In that 10 year span in the waste management industry, he experienced, firsthand, the large amounts of illegal dumping in the DMV area. That problem was one of the reasons he wanted to build a great junk removal business. He wanted to clean things up and also offer the highest level of service to any community he served.

His mission was simple – 

To make junk removal easy and convenient for our Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia communities. Always trying the best to not send junk to the landfills but by recycling and reusing what is still reusable…

Today, you can see by the number of repeat customers Beeline Hauling & Junk Removal gets and the overwhelming amount of 5-star reviews his business gets, how well things are going.

If you need junk removal services here in Washington DC, give us a call. You will be glad that you did.

About Beeline Hauling & Junk Removal
About Beeline Hauling & Junk Removal
Washington DC Junk Removal

Who We Are

Beeline Junk Removal & Hauling

Our mission is simple. We make junk removal easy and convenient for our Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia communities. We dispose of junk properly in landfills. Items that we don’t send there we do our best to properly recycle and ressuse what is still reusable.

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Address: 3937 1/2 Minnesota Ave NE Unit 63747, Washington, DC 20029

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